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After a year of persevering I finally decided that my Monitor Audio RX6 speakers weren't a match made in heaven with my Naim Nait XS.

Daft Punk new album, Random Access Memories is available here as a 24bit 88.2khz download, 'Get Lucky' sounds

I've been really enjoying the SACD of 'Just Like You' by Keb' Mo'. Playing the ripped DSD file of the album back via my DSD capable Teac UD-501 DAC.

Teac UD-501 USB asynchronous DAC with DSD capability is in the Blue Murder sale at Unilet Sound & Vision for £599, £100 off the RRP!

Received my Oppo 105 yesterday which I want to not only use as a disc spinner, but make use of it's Sabre 9018 stereo DAC via the USB input.

Tested the QuteHD with some DSD files, CD rips and hires PCM today, didn't like the results at all. It sounded harsh and artificial, certainly not a good match with my MA RX6 speakers.

WHF Team - I got extremely excited when I saw your news item about the new

I was quite pleasantly surprised when on Christmas Day after setting up and listening to my new MA RX6's I found there was next to no difference to the sound with the speaker grilles off.

I've just purchased some K550's and I'm not sure which headphone amp to buy to use with them. I listen to all types of music, but mainly rock and pop via FLAC files from my PC to my Rega DAC.

There's a firmware update for the new UD5005 which amongst other things, now makes it 3D compatible.