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Does anyone have any experience of over-damped room acoustics and possible treatments? I've posted before about my difficult room acoustics; square shape, low ceiling, thick stone walls.

Heard these yesterday at Musicraft in Derby (thanks Rick). Follows a listen to kef ls 50 and r300 couple of weeks back. Never heard atc before so no preconceptions.

Just tried to start the annual Easter ritual weekend listen of the top 300 only to experience the dreaded 'drop outs' within seconds on internet radio.

Just about to watch the last 2 episodes from this brilliant series.

Just previewed and ordered Beck's latest album. Well worth a listen and I agree with the 5* reviews. It's good; even on first listen. Anyone else heard it?

I have been contemplating a speaker upgrade for some time but would appreciate any thoughts and recommendations.

Just wondered if anyone has listened to Goldfrapp's new album 'Tales of Us' yet? Downloaded from their site and just grabbing a first listen. Download is at 44/24 bit quality and costs £8.99.

It's a long story but over the years, I've tried a number of interconnects (all under £100) but have nearly always been plagued with varying degrees of background hum on my system.

Just listening to this freshly ripped CD. Can well recommend it. Some clever songs, excellent production and has all the hallmarks of a classic in the making.