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Need both but trying to cut down on boxes. Hard to find, do they exist? Only one I have sen so far is by Clearaudio. Anyone know of others?



Never owned headphones before. Got a birthday coming up so considering a pair of full size 'on ear' heaphones to use with my Arcam A38. Any thoughts on the main contenders between £50 - £100?

When I connect a PC or Network Tuner to the optical input of my Pearl Lite CD player 48 kHz is displayed. I dont know whether this is normal and an optimal setting or whether it is adjustable.

This is good value atthe moment around half price. Thinking of getting one. However, in terms of High quality files it only goes to 24/48.

Two thirds through a system upgrade. I have recently bought some Spendor A3 and an Arcam A38. Need to replace my CD player next.

Can anyone help getting very frustrated. Trying to doa first set up with wired connection via homeplugs.  

The New A19 has had excellent reviews and is clearly a very good value amp. However, the A28 and A 38 are starting to discount.

Cant find any reviews of the Sugden. Has anyone got one or heard it and can give me an idea of its tonal qualities?
Best wishes

Loooking for a high current amp to bring out th best in my x12's. Bradys in Warrington have the Sonneteer whih I am planning to demo.