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Thanks, might go to the Chester branch in the morning and get a pair they are on offer in the sale, see how my head is though!!!!! Cant see me making it for 10. Might sneak the CXN streamer in...

£120 worth of Richer sound vouchers. Any suggestions what to spend it on? Grado headphones or QED Audio 40 Interconnect? Perhaps put the money toward the CXN Streamer? 

My Spendor A3 are 78cms high cant think of anything smaller in a floorstander. Paul

OK cheers never considered a portable media player.

Have considered a Network player but my network is not that stable and I would have to rely upon homeplugs which can be a bit hit and miss.

I tend to place my 24/96 downloads on DVD's and play through a rather old, noisy laptop; via the DAC of my Marantz Pearl Lite CD player. Would it be worth investing in a Blue Ray player to do so...

November Hi Fi Choice reviews six headphone amps.  Group winner was Creek OBH - 21 mk2. Graham Slee Solo also did well as did Alpha Design Labs GT 40a. Hope this helps

Just to go back to the original post. When I contacted Leema in February about the availability of the new Pulse amp I was told approx end of September. Best wishes Paul

Want to connect Ipad 2 to my DAC which has both optical and coaxial connections. Not sure whether this is possible? Best wishes Paul

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