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deafinoneear wrote: ...

Got some new cables for xmas. So I have to wait for xmas morning. My new toys, are, Atlas Equator MKIII Audio Interconnect and QED Reference XT40 Speaker Cable. Three sleeps to go.

I have my PS4 link up to my naim unitiqute, no problems at all. Also from time to time, I link it up to my Arcam dac, through Arcam A19, as before no problems.

I too have Focal 905 speakers, can't fault them. As you say Detailed, bass without boom, warm. But do not understand sharp. But I do think they are bit on the big size.

Not sure how big your room is. But if it, small to med size, FOCAL 905 would be the ones to go for. But only your ears can decide ?

jimm wrote: ...


I too, have the same issue. So today, I change "system code select menu" from 16 to 12. I going to see how this works. As I herd, that the philips, remote, can lock the a19 down. Also, I have sent...

My next upgade, will be my last. Naim unitilite. Hoping to have one before xmass day.

Facebook is for life. LOL  

Emm. How do you upload your pictures