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The rotary one is aweful to use.


any ideas?

Steve Jobs had the right idea about design and functionality going hand in hand to make beutiful, amazing products.

I have the Zensor Vokal centre and 1's as fronts at the mo running off my Marantz NR1601 slimline amp. 


Don't want to spend a great deal I just want an upgrade from my 24" and thought I'd get a TV because of the size.

I need a new amp and love the look of the Marantz slim line, whilst in the shop I also noticed the Bose 301 speakers which just look the dogs and being Bose should sound good.  Right??????

I'm currently using:

Jamo A102 speaker package

Sony STR DH800 AMP

I am taking a step back and want to go back to having a CD player because my son keeps nicking my Ipod.