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This subject has come up plenty of times before but I just wondered what peoples opinion was on the use of granite chopping boards.

Other than the obvious, what is the difference between mono and stereo Beatles releases?

I've had my turntable 20 odd years and have never replaced the felt mat.

I've never given it too much thought, but is it the sort of thing that does need replacing after a while?

As Frank Spencer would say (apologies to any non Brits or people under 40!) I've had a bit of trouble.

My trusted SP9 has thrown a bit of a wobbly.

Learned friends.


I've recently purchased a Sony W90 55" tv.

In general I'm very pleased with it but I am having a problem setting it up.

I'm looking at upgrading my current 46" Sony tv to 55".

My choices as I see it are the 


W9 - probably out of my price range

I don't think this request breaks any board rules as I'm not try to sell anything here.

However, I do have a question about the appropriate price for secondhand tv.

I'm afraid 25 is a distant memory for me but any positive news item about vinyl is always welcome.

What is the one record that you just cannot track down or is only available at a horrendous price?

For me it is the classic records 200g Led Zep "Houses of the holy".