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Someone drunkard thought it would be hillarious to try and run over my car last night. The cherry on a particularly shitty weekend.


Hi, I wanted to update my how to thread on photo linking as the new forum is LIGHTYEARS BETTER than the old uploading tool.  No faffing with HTML needed to do linked photos anymore, w00t! 

Anyone seen any good April Fools yet?  Its been a little disapoining so far this year.


Cern switching to Comic Sans is quite good though.


I spent a mind numbing amount of time researching printers as my Canon has died, I shall save you the pain by sharing the fruits of my labour.

I was wondering if anyone had heard the Marantz 1504 slim line amp?  Is it any good?  I can see the 1604 only offers 7.1 and 4k upscaling, both of which I am not interested in.

My favourite band is releasing a new album in September, but they have put a track up to listen too on soundcloud, and its available for free download on their website if you like it.  Love it.

Now that the AC version has been released, the N version has dropped from a somewhat daft £160 down to a reasonable £109 at Amazon and Currys.

Hi, has anyone used one of these doodads?

This is awesome!