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OKay guys, i bought one of these a few weeks back & I am quite impressed for £100, good quality box indeed....

I agree mate, some programs look good & others  not much better than sd at times. I sometimes just put it down to my eyes being "A" not what they were & "B"  used to hd so it kinda looks...

BIGBERNARDBRESSLAW wrote: Thanks for the information, I will do my very best to avoid ever hearing it.  i was once asked to join a level 42 tribute band, i sawed my fingers off as an excuse not to

I just installed my free 8.1 upgrade, fast, very fast pc now , see how it goes :bounce:

I have an OCZ in this lappy & it has been a great boost, I think reliability was poor on early ssd's now they are fine,windows 7 & 8 are geared up for them,easy to install, cool, fast &...

I got fed up of a noisey Sony player too, infact 2 of them , went Panasonic & the silence is Golden

A year on & i'm still happy with mine & i paid the full whack at the time,so for £99 it's a no brainer , superb player that is slient & looks the biz. the pq & audio are spot on

i hook mine up to my logitech speakers & it sounds pretty good

can't say i noticed anything new, but it did state that the update is for performance & stability, not that that seemed an issue with the nexus 7 anyway, had mine just over 3 weeks now &...

fair do's  mate now you do need to go buy some good rock on blu ray to make up for it though