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Hello. I just wanted to share my experience regarding a pair Monitor Audio BX5's. After having these speakers for two years, I decided to give biwiring a chance. I wish I'd done it sooner.

Hello. I'm looking for an integrated amplifier for a pair of Totem Dreamcatchers. These speakers while small require some decent power.

Hello. I was wondering if anyone has heard the Dali Zensor 3 paired with Marantz 6004 amp/cd. Are these speakers better than,for example, Wharfedale 10.1 or MA BX2's? Thanks in advance. 

Hello! I'm in the process of acquiring a pair of standmounted speakers for a Marantz PM/CD 6004. I was using Monitor Audio BX5's but have moved them to my Home Theater setup.

Hello. I just want to share my experience with what I think are an absolute bargain in hifi. Purchased a pair for 129.00 US$. Currently using with Marantz PM & CD6004.

I'm on a quest for speakers that match my Marantz PM6004. Just saw a pair of brand new MX1's on eBay, at an unbelievable price. Would they be appropriate for the Marantz? Thanks! 

Hello. Looking for a pair of Bookshelf speakers for Marantz 6004 combo. Audition the MA RX1's

Paired with a Yamaha AS500 and was impressed. The DALI Z1's caught my attention based on

Hello. New to this forum. I recently purchased a Marantz 6004 amp/cd combo and a pair of Monitor Audio BX5. First impressions are not good I'm afraid. The BX5's sound so rough and disorganized.