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Hi all

As per question, what is the procedure to burn DVDs to a 212j NAS?

Then, how would I access them with my internet tele? Apple TV, DNLA etc?

Thanks! :cheers:

Hey all,

First time post in the headphones section so hope you can help me out!

I have probably been my own biggest fan of the A28 I had until a few hours ago. I have been using it as a poweramp of sorts, utilising my Leema dac as a pre.

So I have a very old ProJect TT that gets loads of use but the cartridge seems to be coming off the tone arm and I have no way of resecuring it so I am ready to upgrade.

So I thought this may be useful as a thread on it's own so here goes - 

Hi all,

So as a lot of you will no doubt have read in various posts, I kinda love my A28 amp and thought I would be keeping it for quite some time.

Hi all,

As part of my Dad's father's day pressy, I am helping him spend some money on a new amplifier!

Hey all,

I'm still really enjoying the R100s and was wondering if the cheap atacama nexus stands they are sitting on are doing them justice.

Not the hottest of the hot deals I have seen but as Tesco love to point out, every little helps.

Just enter the promotion code BANK10 at the checkout

...I've just had a rejig of all the gear after getting a couple of dacs on demo and I am now using my bluray as a transport for my remaining CDs and of course for movie duties albeit into a 2 chann