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Do the Q Acoustics 2020i Binding posts take only banna plugs or unterminated cables can be screwd too (4mm)?


I have Dynaudio dm 2/7 with Exposure 2010s2, these speakers are too bassy for this room.

So i am looking for a pair of budget speakers.

New site dosent display properly on Opera Browser

Monitor audio Rx1 or Dynaudio Dm2/7 or 2/6: which better at low volumes

Amp 75w per channel Exposure 2010s2

How would you order these speakers in terms of less low end extension/ punch and brightness:

Monitor audio Rx1 vs Gs10 vs Gx50

what is your thought for having Monitor Audio RX6 at a room, size 10'x10' feet. will it work or is it too small a room for floorstander


i am getting Dynaudio Audience 62 or DM 2/7 for about the same price.

My amp is Exposure 2010s2

Which to go for.


after a long wait ill be able to upgrade my amp in a month. i am considering any of the two

nad c355bee (80watt) or Exposure2010 (non-s old version 50watt) 

My system is kinda dull on mids with slow bass, amp upgrade is not on cards until sometime in future..


Rx range is higher end than Br but, I just want to know a few things about Rx1 compared to Br5

Is Rx1 warmer than Br5,