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25 years ago my brother and me bought a cd player from sony and we were both surprised of how many details we could hear comparing to vinyl 

i was reading on a belgium site a review of ker r300 speakers ...first of all i find it a very good site 

i own a rega appolo cd driver and want it to be incorporate for pure 2 channel stereo music in analogue mode with the 

rest of the system kef r5.1 amplification rotel 

i been out of the music segment for a few years now and notice a strange fact 

in the my opinion site of the review of the anthem 700 i notice something that obviously is repeating himself 

in searching for appropriate electronics for my kef r5.1 system i looked into a forum in whom following thinks been said

should be speakers off an enormous value price 

2500 dollar paire 

on the review site off this speakers there compairing him with 

reference speakers 68000 dollar paire 

on some music sites these amplifier is reviewed ....but even if i go to the website off pioneer i don't find him

is there perhaps a difference between models for europe and usa 


nowedays you can buy separates like marantz mm 7055 combi av7005 for 2500.00

and av 8003 combo mm8003

Has anyone heard about exclusif colaboration between spotify and av receivers marantz 

the new marantz receivers should be transporting spotify and have a libery