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Have finally managed to pick up a Mission 75AS to add to a pair of 752, a pair of 751 and a 75C.

Ok, this is driving me nuts, hoping someone can help.

Just a quick(ish) heads up for anyone owning an Audi estate with MMI and/or Bose...

Dunno, it's not like my favourite album or anything, but it is kinda testing!

The Director's Cut by Fantomas.

It's on Spotify.

Following Drummerman's recommendation of the Sony DB930, which prompted me into a bit of further research, I picked up a mint example, boxed with remote and manuals, for £40.

OK, it's late - I know, and I've had a few ciders, courtesy of my friend Chalky who makes the stuff beautifully.

OK, this is partly why I am a bit tight and always looking for bargains - the reason being that I have a need for at least 4 decent set ups.

Well, after my reported recent experience of listening to a pair of Monopulse As on the end of a Croft Hybrid integrated amp, I've just had a pair of the very same speakers delivered this morning.

Was at a mate's last night in London - admittedly by the time we got there we were a little merry - he had a pair of Monopulse Model As powered by some Croft hybrid integrated amp.

OK, as the subject suggests, this is not something I thought/hoped would ever be an issue for me...