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hi all. I know not very hi-fi topic but I thought I'll share anyway. that's what I did for Christmass last night. not trying to be too modest I should also add that it tastes delicious too.

some time ago I discovered one great (IMO) speaker invention in the form of a CBT36 speaker.

to whom it may concern,

another forum thread (the one about nonexistence of a perfect amp) inspired me to start this thread. the answer to the question is yes. why is it so?

Dummy first entry to avoid possible disappointment Smile


I decided to post a new topic rather than being slumped in the noise created on other threads.




AFAIK you're German. if so I'd like to ask you a favour.

I came across this review of Magnepan MG3.7 speakers from German "Stereo" hi-fi mag in .pdf format here:

ok. people who know a little my attitude to hi-fi know that I'm no too much fond of box speakers with dynamic drivers.