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Focal Aria?

Here in Holland the Opticon 5 is tested. Very good speakers but strong bass and very lively highs wich can be too much.

I hope everyone do this!

It's a very bright sounding speaker. Many people sell it after a while.

Agree. i've heard the Kef R500 and the R300. Especially the R300 are very dull and boring sounding. But also the R500; no fun while listening.

It is streamer with NAS server again sacd player. I have no sacd's, but always found that cd's sound better on a sacd player than on a (cheaper) cd player. If streamer i will rip my cd's in the...

I have more than 600 cd's. I find it relaxed to put a cd in the player and then go listen. I 'am not sure with streaming. I read that some people are nervous and are constantly zap to another...

I have a Denon pma 1520 AE amp and can buy a new dcd 1520AE cd player for 800,-- Euro. I think it is a nice combination. But friends of mine are already streaming and said i'am a fool if i buy a cd...

How does it sounds with Rock and compare with MA and Focal?