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Like to have some loud music on sometimes with sub blasting away but I'm scared that if I turn it up anymore it will break.

Very early this year when demoing speakers around January time I asked if they could turn on the sub to see what it's like for films.

Want some headphones for mainly to use while travelling, on the bus and taking on holiday etc.

Had this sub for about a month now and it's been such a good month. Bought it second hand for £399 and I expected it to perform better for films than music as ported but to my ears it's faultless.

Already blown one light bulb with my ikon sub mk2, today was playing some music and the bass was lacking. Thought the sub was being weird as turned gain up to

Seen lot of people tend to watch films at -20db but how loud is this, around 90db I am guessing? Not too bad.

waiting for the correct UK power cable to come tomorrow then will setup my new sub!

Fixed on the mono but want to see if in the flesh before buying one. Which site would I find an owner of one (in the Nottingham area) as I don't know if any sites have section in that regard.

Deciding between both. Pros and cons of each setup? Installation would be a lot easier for front heights though and look less messy.

Whenever I try auto calibrate my speakers it doesn't work properly.