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Can you recommend some floorstand speakers which delivers bass with same auchority as cerwin-vega XLS-12 but are qualified more accurate/hifi. Price max 1000 €

Does anybody have experience with SVS cylinder subwoofer? How does it perform in music, compared to SVS SB1000?

How much can bad speaker positioning affect to bass performance? I bought pair of cerwin-vega 12" speakers, and they are lacking bass, until I give it +6 boost, and even then they sound poor.

I have this kind of equipment:

When I use receiver as a pre-amp, do I adjust the equalizer and the power amp outputs to the max, and control volume level with the receiver?

How do I connect the equalizer to Onkyo TX-NR509 AV receiver? The EQ (Behringer FBQ3102) have XLR and TRS connections.

Could some expert tell by the included picture, how does my room acoustics affect on low frequencies?


I have Cerwin-vega XLS-12 and power them with Onkyo TX-NR509. The overall sound image is accurate, but the bass is lacking authority.

Is Pioneer VSX-820 capable of seperating the video and sound from HDMI input?


This is my plan: