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My old Sony 370 still plays perfectly but the catchup that we watch, mainly BBC iPlayer, is no longer supported.

Very disappointed that this highly recommended player, that still does a great job with discs, is no longer being supported by the BBC.

At the foot of each page, the current mag is publicised.  It was wrongly showing September, and someone had a moan in the hifi thread a few weeks back.  Today I see it says October!

If anyone else was tempted to try this award winner as I was, but was a bit unsure at £499, well Superfi have had it for £399 for a while.

Just had an email from the nice folks at RS, and this seems to be their Easter bargain.

Sorely tempted myself as I have another home with a telly but no hifi.  

Not my singing in the bath, but this gear, most of which is 15 this year (amp, cd, and speakers). Tuners and cassette deck even older.

We have a 6 year old HD ready Hitachi 32LD7200 telly (in a different home to where the system in my footer is located).

I recently heard on a friends system the Gladiator OST.

Just been reading how good this Group Test winner is in the October mag, and, blow me, there it is in RS for £100 off.

Heard the new KEF Blades today, and I believe it may have been the first public outing in the UK for the ones you can shortly buy – as opposed to the concept models that have been touring the shows