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My HP Folio Ultrabook laptop has Intel WiDi wireless display. Will this work with my Samsung UE32ES6300 TV which has WiFi Direct?

Can anyone tell me why HP printers (e.g. Photosmart) break themselves if you plug them in to USB before you load the 10GB HP driver?

Had a Hotmail virus that ripped through my contact list today and (embarrasingly) emailed spam URLs to all my contacts.

Looking for a mid-range 32"ish LED TV with S/PDIF (Toslink) digital audio output to drive my 2-channel DAC.  Any suggestions?

Are parking tickets you get in private car parks legally enforcable?  E.g. £90 for a 30-minute overstay?

LINK REMOVED BY MODS - please don't link to sites containing profanity

I'm fascinated by all kinds of audiophile insanity, for example, cable "burn-in".  However, I think I have just found the most bonkers accessory ever:  P.W.B.

Luckily my wife was away for the weekend of the install.