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My boss is shifting his underused Wharfedale Evo 30s.  I have been looking for some floorstanders and a trying to decide how much I like them as I have them on weekend audition.

I confess to loving the sound of my 25 year old Naim amplifier. However, at that age and never having been serviced (hangs head in shame) then it is probably not in peak condition.

I am a bit old school and not well versed in the ways to get digital music into my hifi.  I currently use an iPod Classic with a dock to send a digital stream to my amplifier.

I know that people love cable topics (:wall: ), so here is a question for all you experts. 

Hi guys, can you help please.  I am using a Beresford Bushmaster 2 DAC into a Naim NAC62/NAP90 combo and Dynaudio Excite X12 speakers.

I have a curious problem with my home cinema set up.  I have an HDMI lead from the cable box to the AV receiver, and another HDMI from the receiver to the TV.

Hi, I travel a lot and have been through many earphones and headphones.  I need comfort and isolation from the ambient noise plus decent performance.

I run my iPod Classic with lossless tracks through a Pure i20 into a Naim NAC62/NAP90 combination and Dynaudio Excite X12 speakers.

So, is it worth pairing my ARCAM CD73T with an external DAC? I suspect that the CD73T has a decent DAC stage anyway, but it is a few years old.