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I have made the recent leap to an Apple MacBook Pro from my old faithfull Dell laptop, with the clear intention of transferring my entire CD collection (1000+ CDs) to iTunes, and therefore seeking

Hi all, looking for some advice please.

Hi all, looking for some advice please. I have just taken the plunge and bought a Buffalo Terastation NAS to store my itunes collection in lossless format.

I am looking for a cabinet to store my hifi separates, and on which to put a 55 inch TV.

I have just bought a pair of 804 Diamonds.  While they are an amazing upgrade from my previous 683s I can't help feeling that they aren't reaching their full potential due to the amp.

I've recently purchased and wired up my Audiolab MDAC.

I've just received my new MDAC today but am having problems.