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where can I buy Geek Out DAC in EU? any idea what is the prics? there is one sold at fleebay at very attractive price? is it worth trying?

I am currently using Squeezebox touch but fed up with it's  software and drop out and there is no support as the product has been discontinued, most of my music is in google play music I want a nea

Wondering if anyone at CES got the chance to have  demo of Geekout dac and Geek Pulse dacs coming from Light Harmonic company which created the 18K Da Vinci Dac.

Don't remember seeing any review from WHFS&V on new Samsung 10.1 2014 edition, interested to know the audio quality and whether it will accept an external dac like HRT via mini usb.

I need to buy new tablets as my nexus7 is not good for watching movies and netflix, I can't decide whether to buy the Google nexus 10 or wait for new Samsung 10.1 2014 edition but not sure what is

I need to put a new harddisk in the satbox and need advice on very quiet and energy efficient harddisk, the seagate barracuda I used earlier was making lots of noise.


I recently purchased the 42GT30 for my bedroom and have noticed that after few hours it becomes very hot on both sides, glass as well as the back side, although it has plently of space around and f

Can anyone please point me to thread over Samsung 2012 TV range, availability and pricing, I tried finding it but no luck. Thanks.

since panasonic glasses are extremely expensive, has anyone tried cheap 3rd party glasses from ebay which are supposed to be universal and works with major brands. Thanks.