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Quick question.

Can i connect this turntable directly to my Sony STR-DN1040 A/V amplifier with a pair of Stereo Phono cables? Or will i need a separate phono amplifier stage?

Which do I go for? CA Air Minx 200 or Sonos 5?

Can anyone comment on which they would buy? And why?


Many thanks.  :grin:

Hi, Unwrapped and plugged in my Sony KDL37-503EX with much anticipation of enjoying movies streamed via LoveFilm. Picture quality was as expected - not brilliant but ok.

Hi All,

Wondered if this model was the same (?) as the award winning LE37B550??

Maybe a currys own? For £488.90 - it looks tempting if it is the same?


I was really looking forward to the Blu Ray version of this absolute classic!

But what a disappointment! Grainy image and terrible sound (Dolby True HD!)

Well, I should have waited shouldn't I?

Unsurprisingly, no, hilarious as it is. - Mods

Hi - another issue with the 1909. Try to put it as simply as poss!
3 x HDMI inputs assigned as follows:
1 = DVD,
2 = PS3,
3 = SKY HD (+ optical for audio).

At last the time is here to upgrade from my Marantz SR4300 AV Amp.

The rest of my system is as follows:

Denon DVD 2910