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Beats Music got 110.000 subscribers, Spotify got 6 million subscribers. Spotify got 24 million active users. What is Apple doing?

Some competition: http://www.whathifi.com/review/srs-x9  

Audio.de 4/2014 have a super test which Yamaha A-S2100 wins. It contains MOS-FETs and VU meters. ...

Freddy58 wrote: ...

Visited a party yesterday with a big JVC VU meter amplifier from the 70-s. ...

Stereophile ranks the smaller amp in their category class A, Exposure 2010S: $1495 $$$ ✩

ErwinC wrote: So my conclusion for the moment is that I have the impression that ATC and Naim are not the best match. :cry: Well, an substantial amount of money could be saved!