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Apart from the, ProAc, B&W, Dali, Spendon, Sonus Faber, Tannoy, Kef, Q Acoustic, Pmc, Helberth... the list goes on.. Has anyone had alisten to the Quadral Chromium style 52 speakers.

FINGER PAINTING. THE MUSIC OF HERBIE HANCOCK. Had this album for over 12yrs. Not played for a long time.

Hey guys just moved house now my system has fallen apart. Am in a bigger room but my speakers now sound really boomy.Dnt know how this is possible.

NOTE from MODS - Thread pruned to remove all posts with personal references to other members cleary designed to antagonise and cause more unrest.

Now this is very interesting.. Here we go. I was told to try out a musical fidelity V90 dac & it just out performs anything I have ever used as  my source player.

My Alumni 9 sub just got dead. should i repair it or just bite the bullet and get a new one.. I really like the sub and have served me for over 5yrs now..

Seems nothing of interest any more... No more cables debates?..  Nothing of interrest? Seems reviews are limited on new products..

Kepp hearing the term fine tuned for europe.. Do we in europe listen differently to the rest of the world?.. So does that mean that other parts of the world listen to a differnt kind of sound..?

Am i missing something..?.. why have most of the new AV AMPS got nine hdmi inputs. Why would anyone need that much or is it just a matter of competition and no need for them all..?

 Has any one listened to a boston acoustics speaker recently..?  I read a review about the M340 & how good it was & all that. The review was really convincing.