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This is seriously bad. An object lesson on how not to construct a website. Did you pay someone, or did the office junior volunteer?

David@FrankHarvey wrote: ...

Forget the system. Get yourself some Golden Ears. 

Good question.

MajorFubar wrote: I'll try and work on my weakness.   Please don't. Common sense is in short supply these days. 

John Duncan wrote: Indeed. I can't help but think that this thread has become somewhat...snappish...   ...not to mention the caps lock problems.  

robg1976 wrote: The Tacima mains block will definitely not affect your amp. Sense robg1976 wrote: ...if anything it will improve Bass and increase detail. Nonsense.

Reading through what you've posted so far, I'd suggest sticking with what you've got, or replacing the Quads with the PMCs

Hi-FiOutlaw wrote: ...