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i have found 2 new releases that it can not play.


Elysium and Kick Ass 2 and Cyberlink have no solution.


The camera on the screen side works but can you use the other one? No you can not just a blank black screen.


Just listening to 6Music and the Pure Jongo just got a great plug.


Looks like it fills the gap left by Logitec.


no comment about Logitec.

this more of a post to give info as it has taken me quite some time to find out what Dongle will work with this unit.


anyone been watching it?


just been talking about Album art work and tha gatefold.


loving it.

I have options. As I am in basic student digs for 6 months at least.


tape decks etc....


right as itunes has decided to do something different to before it got me playing arrond tring to find out what was going on.


dont they test it before release.


it rips to libary but libary can not see it. and why can they not have simple things like rescan libary?