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Hi looking into buying a supposidly new samsung tv from a seller on ebay .The usual thing its unused still in box .

Hi been with sky for about 15 years now ,with the same sd Grundig box single LNB {no recording never really bothered me}

Hi looking to buy a smart Bluray player in future ,and im after some advice on connecting up

Last week i come across Goldring Dr50 s on Ebay delivered for £20 Peter tyson ,so thought at that price u cant go wrong ,and ordered a pair .A few days later they turned up and what a suprise i had

Hi my Nad Cd player c515bee has just come up with disc read error ! not very impressed as its only about 2 years old .

What height should bookshelf speakers be?had my F1s at above head hight ,bought them down to chest hight thinking they would sound better and there seems less bass

Hi anybody expalin how better a modern  G+ N or N+ or MIMMO routers are over the G Technology

Is it just range or do u get faster speeeds from laptop to router ?