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thanks Sogophonio11, my turntable cartridge is MM and the NADPP2 pre amp is switched to MM so can i assume  that it does not matter that my A5 does not have the optional internal phono stage ?    

Hi BigH, yes have an LCD TV , no computer just a laptop. Are you suggesting connecting up the TV to the amp ? if so what should be connected to what?   thanks Myles

2 binding posts on each speaker.  

Hi, thanks for the advice so far. This morning I have tried plugging the phono stage (pre amp) into both the cd and tuner inputs and changing to the appropriate setting on the front of the amp ...

re phono stage, is this not what the pre amp is for ? excuse my ignorance, my knowledge on this is very limited.

the cartridge is audio technica, and i recently replaced the stylus with an equivalent (cheaper!), although noise level was an issue before this.

Thanks for that. Stupid reply by me, but assume unless  i know someone with working speakers/ amp etc and i can test out through a process of elimination , then there is no other way of checking...

Hi,I would appreciate some advice. I am no expert, but over the last few months i have bought the following second hand , but find full volume is ok but not loud, half volume is barely audible.NAD...