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qobuz has now added naim music to its list, and there are some awesome sounds in the lists,

i have bought a lot of blu ray audio only discs, and i would like have  a more diverse  selection in hi res music,

hello guys my senny 650 have died on me, so need some new cans i have seen the denon ah-d 600 at £190 on amazon are they better

i have been listening to paolo nutini new album on qubuz its going to be a classic imo
he comes from my home town of paisley great stuff paolo,

so where have the flat speakers nxt from mission and others dissapeared to
they where going to be the next big thing in speakers,

so what hi res music do you own, either blu ray audio or downloads and give your favourite five
my fav 5 are blu ray audio only discs,

hi is a big room better than a small room, so what size of room do you have,, its just to get the average size of the readers room to the watch or listen

hi guys what is your best sounding albums
so we can try them out on qubus excellent streaming site.

hi john duncan i am having spam problems when trying to post help help.


Note from mods - sorted.

right guys tell the truth who has upgraded there system, only to feel i have wasted my cash