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So, I have a nice system (cyrus 8 dac) and a nas drive...all I need is a nice way to stream whats on my nas to my HIFI. I have very little intrest in multi room setups.


Due to the building work iv had done I now have a rather impassable fireplace which I plan to put speakers either side of.

Can anyone tell me is the digital signal that comes from an expensive/top end CD player is better than the digital output from a mid range/cheap CD player?



Maybe a strange question, but whats the deal with traditional amps and active speekers?


So....Lucky me gets to buy some new speakers. I have a £1500 budget (to go with my nad amp/rega turntable) 


Hi - im looking to purchase a simple cheap amp to run a couple of Tanoys from my Mac - mostly for listening to music and net radio.

So, popped into my local hifi store wanting to purchase 5meters of phono leads, unfortinatly they didnt actualy have any in stock, but was told they could make one up for me, they gave me a cost (£

For one reason or another I need to place my turntable and CDP around 3 meters from my amp, and as such Im looking to buying some 5 (maybe 3) meter phono leads.