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Hi, I've had my Rega RP1 with performance pack (Bias 2 cart etc.) for about a year (from new).

I'm in the market for some speaker stands for my new QA 2020i's. I've narrowed my search down to Soundstyle Z2, Atacama Nexus i, or possibly the QA2000st stands.

Has anyone found a review of Castle Knight 1 speakers? I've googled but cant find any info.

Hi, I'm looking at buying a new Rega RP1 or a used P3, or possibly Planar 2 which would be a little cheaper. My research has lead me to believe that a used P3 would be a better buy.

Hi all, I recently aquired a Cambridge Audio Azur 340C cd player and Azur 340A amp to which I've connected a pair of 10 year old Eltax Monitor III speakers.