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OK, so not mine, but a friends

TV is 20 months old, and as of yesterday it will not turn on, the standby LED blinks 7 times and goes off.

So I've got into the service meu, and was hoping to enable 

N/D Adj in the SVC menu option

Just noticed a firmware update online for the above TV's 

New one is now 1115

Can't tell you what this FW brings, but it's out there if you want it!

Good idea? Bad idea?

Would be interesting to see just how many people out there have experienced problems

If possible, keep off topic comments to a minimum!

Now £100 cheaper than the 55F8000 in the same shop!

With a 5 year guarantee

(for some obscure reason this site will not allow me to post links to Curry's website, try as I might!

Well, it was earlier when I tried to post this Clearly a DSG website glitch Wonder if anyone got one?

No sign of them on Freeview HD this morning...  :?

They are there on Freesat HD and Sky HD...

OK, here is the scenario:

SKY+ HD box located centrally in the house in a cupboard

TV wall mounted in Living Room, and the TV is connected to the SKY box via HDMI.

So, JL replaced my GT30 a year ago as the PDP went and they couldn't get a replacement...

Does anyone have experience of remote/HDMI/another IR sender, that works?!

Currently using the Sky + app for iOS, but it's not ideal