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Like the title asks do you have any other hobbies besides hi-fi? Me, I love computers and build them for a living.

He is my thoughts on Neil Young and his hi-res pono music player.

Unlike most of the old farts in this forum I want to celebrate hi-fi in the 21st century.

So does anyone on this forum own a Astell and Kern MP3 player? I know they are really experience but I'm thinking of getting one. Is it really the best MP3 player on the market?

So does anyone on this forum own a Reel to reel tape recorder? I have always wanted one for no other reason than I think they are gorgeous but the price has always put me off owning one.

One of the best things about Britain is its National Health Service.

So what's the best pair of speakers you have ever owned? It can be a pair you once owned or it can be the pair you own now. For me it is the PSB Imagine B bookshelf speakers I own now.

A few years ago I worked for a charity that helped install Water pumps in African Villages that had no access to clean water.

Mine would be Dary Hannah, Whoopi goldberg and Greta Garbo. So who are yours? 

Mine would have to be Philip Seymour Hoffman (sadly no longer with us) and Steve Buscemi. So who are yours?