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Anyone been able to set up gmail on this device, Vodafone are hopeless in support

Were iPhones included in last years deals?

Since updating 2 iPad Airs to the latest software the BBC Weather App shows the message cannot determine your location.

Now being offered with £25.00 gift card

I have ditched my Plusnet supplied router as I could never access my NAS from an external network as I could with an old Sky Netgear router.

Can't belive I beat Gel to an iPad deal 

So common sense has prevailed and BBC 2 HD is now on 102 and BBC3&4 HD have moved too but not BBC 1 or the other HD channels??

Ok 2 iPad Airs 1 Airport express, settings identical on both iPads,AE and iPads all on the same network/router iTunes library on a Windows PC Home sharing works fine on one iPad but the home sharin

Anyone had any issues resetting their Airport Express, I have tried every option and on power up I get a solid amber then a flashing amber nothing else??

A week ago you could pick up an 16gb iPad Air for £329.00 if you looked hard enough today you would struggle to find one in stock a full price, Can't even get a deal on an Apple TV 3 week ago bough