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Does anyone here own Kudos X2 speakers?

If so, can you tell me if the dimensions on their website refers to the cabinets or the plinths/bases?

After a recent house move, I'm contemplating some new speakers.


The rest of the system is;

I have a QNAP TS-210 NAS drive (4TB total / 2TB mirrored) which I'm gradually loading more and more music onto (mostly ripped from my MacBook Pro with XLD in FLAC format).

Could someone please recommend an easy way to edit the metadata on existing files.

I'm putting together a new system based around a 'front-end' of a Roksan Radius turntable for analog (with Nima arm & Goldring 2200 cartridge) and a Squeezebox Touch for digital.

There are some amazing deals around on new/boxed Roksan Radius 5.1 turntables complete with their Nima arm.

Greetings WHF Community,

Ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett is now offering 24 Bit Stdio Master Downloads via his new webstore at

Advice please guys!

I've just purchased a Squeezebox Touch which will be plugged into our Linn Majik system. 

I know there are quite a few Porcupine Tree fans on this forum, so I thought this might be of interest ...