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I´ve read that the new RX-A2020 doesn't eq subs like the older RX-A2010 (2010 eq subs down to 30Hz where new 2020 goes only just to 62Hz). Is this true and if so it´s true too for the RX-A3020?

Which net radio has the best quality of sound/quality of content ratio out there?


Thanks! :cheers:

My new Yamaha RX-A2010 stated in the specs that supports Depp Color (30, 36bits) but I´ve seen that this is only true when HDMI video signal pass through the receiver untouched, that is with video

In the context of a Monitor Apex 5.1 system what are the expected sonic diferences between a Yamaha RX-V2067 and a RX-A20101? Which do you feel "the best" for the Apex combo?


I'm a new owner of a RX-V2067/Apex 5.1 system and I have just two options to wiring my system, the Chord Carnival Silver Screen or QED Silver Anniversary XT.

I've heard the new Mini theater system comes with a dedicated center speaker and updated and improved M-1s, is this true? Anyone has listened or take a look at them?