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So I purchased the Sony 55w905a and love it , but when my ps4 is on, the option button for changing picture settings doesn't work , when I go to any other device I can do it.

Time to sell my pioneer and maybe get a new tv, love the pic quality not seen anything better but would like a 3dtv that's also good for gaming. 

Any ideas ?

had sky hd 2-3 weeks now and want to know if its woth upgrading the ugly hdmi 1.1 cable i got free ?

looking at £25 -£35


i have a tacima mains conditioner and was thinking of getting a better power cable for the blu-ray player 

its a panasonic bd55 and it has the figure of 8 socket thing !

i have a mac mini which i now use as my main music source (trying to have less cables boxes etc ) and i dont listen to as much music as i used too.

as above 

will be using an optical cable from HD box to processor and hdmi straight to the media box of the tv

are their settings that will need adjusting on the HD box ? 

this is my set up and im very proud of it , taken me a few years to save up for it etc, but finally feels finished , well until something new comes along to pull me back in , and spend more money

was reading a forum somewhere that said something about an update for the freeview ?
or maybe i was dreaming ?

my epg on freeview is painfully slow