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This may sound like a normal 'slight seconds' deal but this one comes with the Elys 2 Cartridge fitted 

I ordered an rLink for my Sonos Connect but I cancelled it when I saw this. I offered £185 which was accepted, no brainer as they say :grin:

After all the talk recently about purchasing the RP3 by other forum members I've been thinking about a change myself from my humble P3-24 so todat Mr.Postie delivered this me this............

At £1425 it's expensive but very good, at £995 it's a relative bargain.


Not a bad deal at all if you can't quite stretch to the RP3 Smile



From this.................



To this............

Popped into Steve's HiFi in Hastings on Friday afternoon as i was passing, never been there before, even though I live close by, and walked out with an LP12 I've been hankering after for a while.

I'm sorry but some people are not from this planet[^o)]