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does dac bypass everything on the audio quality?


for example is it better to get an a mac or i5 laptop with beats audio or just budget pentium laptop with onboard soundchip?

i want to improve sound quality for my stereo hi fi & especially to remove unwanted sound ( jitter etc ) from laptop.because it will be my music source.

got some lame boring questions,


1. Are all purchased itunes automatically downloaded in 256 aac? Is that the best itunes quality to play on hi fi?


yes i know shared mp3 from internet is not the audiophile way but sometimes i like to ' audition ' them few months before purchasing from itunes.


just curios which of these supposedly sounded best.


1. cd player + headphone


2. cd player + amp + headphone


3. rip cd to laptop + dac + headphone

Help me choose and why.


1. Budget AMD laptop + usb dac or


2. Hp i3 laptop with built in Beats audio or


3. Hp i3 with Beats + usb dac


1. does purchasing and downloading itunes via wifi reduce quality than a wired connection?


2. does a super slow connection effect itunes quality?




a question from amateur, which input you suggest? cd player to cd. so where to connect dvd, ipod & ps2 ( analogue )? thanks