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At the moment I've got my speakers (techincs ones in my signature) on the floor, obviously this far from ideal.

Recently my CD player has started to produce a quieter and fractured sound from the left channel, right is unaffected. This happens when using speakers or headphones (in cd player itself or amp).

Looking to replace my sadly departed Sansa Clip with something a little less plastic-y. I loved it while it worked but looking back at how long it lasted it failed pretty quickly.

Not something i've done very often so was wondering if you guys had any tips particuarly for used vinyl.

Any great sites outside of the obvious?

Any horror stories i should avoid?

As i've mentioned in another thread we're moving at the weekend so will soon be making the customary trip to ikea.

Been looking at various brushes and fluids online and the choice is a little bit much for me to take in.

Been looking to pick a cheap used amp off ebay for a while, usual suspects NAD/Arcam, but i'm growing impatient waiting for the right amp at the right price. 


Doing my regular eBay check for local gear and i find a Mission 778 very close by. 


Just purchased a s/h Rega Planar 2. First time i played it for 30sec just to test it worked it all sounded fine.