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My DM50 is sited on the second tier of an open three tier glass TV stand.  The 40" Samsung TV is on the top tier, and a bluray player and TalkTalk box are on the bottom.  Certain male voices, mainl

I'm still waiting for some longer HDMI cables to be delivered but decided to power up the DM50 to see whether it remained in standby or could be switched off.  I need to know this in order to decid

I've ordered a Canton DM50 which should arrive in the next day or two.  The Samsung 40" TV has four splayed legs and sits on top of a three glass plate shelf unit.  On the second shelf is a Sony bl

I'm thinking of buying a Philips HTLS5120 soundbar for my Samsung UE40C8000 TV.  I would welcome advice on the best method of connecting the two.  Should I use a digital audio connection or the HDM

I'm thinking of getting another TV for Christmas and am attracted to the 32" Panasonic, but the only catch up facilty I can find mentioned in the spec is BBC iplayer.  Does it have the full set of

Having incurred the wrath of my wife through watching football on TV, I've decided that we need a second smaller portable TV.  Ideally the TV shoud be able to connect to wifi broadband for live vie

MySony BDPS570 will not pick up the wireless signal from my router which is sited about  12 feet away through two breeze block walls.  A laptop placed next to the BDPS570 has no difficulty in makin

I have a 40" Samsung Series 8 TV and a Sony BDP-S570 disc player.  I am able to get ITV via the BBC iplayer on my PC, but not on my 570 which is limited to the BBC stations.  Does the same limitati

I've just started playing with the 10 point white balance on the Movie mode and am wondering which interval setting refers to which IRE.  I've read on the 46 model that they are out-of-step, ie int

I'm trying to calibrate my TV to lighten dark scenes where the shadows are too black.  For example, the classroom scenes in South Riding seemed to be in semi darkness as did interior scenes in Silk