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Good morning,

I created a new post earlier, did a preview and then pressed save.

I've been wanting to buy the Kris Kristofferson Film 'Cisco Pike' for a few years now and thought that it may get a re-release and come down in price but it hasn't.

Tried to create post in This week I have mostly been listening to/watching.....  the website said that it had been created, but it's not there.


I've had a CD by Ann Savoy and Linda Ronstadt for a few years called 'Adieu False Heart' which is more on the gentle side of Cajun music, but have now started listening to the more rowdy and gritti

I've been listening to 'The Planets' by Holst this week and realised that some musical phrases in Venus sounded like the motif from the theme of Star Trek (original series).  I've listened to Venus

The BBC have so far posted 929 programmes of "Letter from America" on their website.


Would it be possible for us to mark a thread and then have a "My Threads" button which would list only the threads that we had marked so we could monitor them at a glance rather than scrolling thro

Came across this sad tale on YouTube this mornng.   :twisted:


I've just bought dad a Pure Sensia 200D Connect with F1 Chargepak and 16GB Cruzer Fit USC stick for his 70th birthday next week.  He's computer literate and has laptop and desktop computers and Wif