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Hi folks, I'm based in Dublin and picked up a pure classic series 2 for the kitchen. On auto tune it picks up the available dab stations along with their dab+ versions.

Hi Folks, To allow me to upgrade screen size from 42" to 50" I'm looking at relacing my left/right R225HDs with an R One HD Here's my current (yes very cramped) set up.

Hi folks,

I picked up a secondhand Denon 38DAB last night with Boston Acoustic A26s. Ideally i would have liked smaller speakers but they were coming with the deal so hadnt much choice.

Hi folks,

I'm looking at getting an ipod Dock for christmas for the living room,

I have a few options

Hi Folks,

After this for my wifes parents for christmas, (we're also giving them a blu-ray player to go with it)

Hi folks now that I have my rpm5 I'm delighted but reluctant to run out and buy lots of secondhand records.

Hi folks,

I'd like to free up some cash and can get a decent price for my Oppo BD 93 in the secondhand market.

Sorry double post..