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since Flickr changed I havent been able to post pics in my post on this forum.

hi all. based on good reviews on here we bought the panasonic viera TH-42PX70BA plasma tv about 4 years ago.

Its a broad canvas on google so im looking for a starting point.

Im just a silly home user on vista. I dont give a monkeys about crashing or losing an operting system

adopting a little boy. he moves in next week. i want to put my avi speakers on the wall. the partiingtons can go in the loft  for a few years.can anyone reccommend decent brackets?

can anyone help a friend that has this question?

Hi all. I finally got around to checking if there was a difference between

1) Cd played through Sony 360 DVD player to optical in of AVI 9.1

loving my WHF reccommended

Sony BDP-S360

I keep readin about all these hi def sounds etc /quality that blurays can deliver.

I am not a home cinema buff. but we have been using a 30 quid asda DVD for over 5 years. A year or 2 ago I got a WHF reccomended Panasonic Viera TV, and love it.

Hi all.

I would like to be able to use my Squeezebox Duet with headphones. I cannot use any existing amp

Good day. I would like to thank the forum for all its help
and information. And as such, now that it’s all done, I wondered if you might