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I got my order delivered today from ASDA and the Honey and Oat sub rolls I had ordered had been substituted for Oat and Raisin cookies!

Now I can see the rather weak link but honestly!

Hi Guys,

Since updating iTunes (I think this has happened with the last couple of updates) some of my tracks are now accompanied by varying levels of noise/distortion.

Made a couple of changes recently so thought I would post some updated photos. Quality is not fantastic so apologies for that.

Where has Bravo gone??

I believe it was part of the deal when Sky bought Virgin TV etc so perhaps they have moved it / renamed it??

I was just wondering if iTunes uses quicktime to play back video files. If not, can it be made to??

Hi Guys,

 When I click on the 'Insert Smiley' or 'Insert Link' icons it takes me to the Haymarket LAT site.

Hi Guys,

Will there be a separate section for Active Speakers in the Awards??

If not then how would these be judged??

For those at WHF that reviewed the AVI ADM 9.1s - With what level of seperates kit would you say the ADMs are equivalent too??