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Recently I've been listening to quite a bit of stuff for the very first time on my Hi-Fi. When I say the first time I mean I've never heard it before ever.

I'm currently waiting on a FM tuner arriving courtesy of ebay. It's a NAD 4020A and it's at least 30 years old.

Anyone any first hand experience with SACD and how it sounds compared to CD?

Is it me or is 80's record production much better than subsequent decades?


I cannot start a thread in the hifi section because of the spam filter. Honestly I give up, I've tried changing thread titles and what not it makes no differnce. 

Hi Guys, hope you've been having a nice Xmas!

Hi Folks,


I've just unboxed my new NAD C326BEE, it is replacing my oldC350 which has stopped working. 

Hi everyone this is my first post. I have been lurking for a little while and consider myself a bit of an audiophile of sorts.