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Info is very scarce on this system. It looks gorgeous but I'm rather more intersted in what is going on beneath the plastic - AV quality, load times, responsiveness, codec support, etc

As much as I'd like to I can't afford Sky HD (with the premium channels) so it looks like I might just hook my standard def Sky box to an upscaling DVD recorder and output the pic via hdmi.

Just bought my dad a new 37PFL5405 Philips lcd and a Sony bdp-370. The sound, as expected isn't too great from the tv so I'd like to get him a set of speakers.

Anyone know anything about this set/own one?

Hi folks, am looking for some speaker cable for a pair of QA 2010's. Needs to be pretty light and flexible as it'll be routed through a rats maze of walls, studs, etc.

Hi folks, I asked this very question elsewhere but got a slightly vague answer.

Getting a pair of these little beauties for my pc, they'll be used pretty much exclusively for gaming and the odd mp3.

That's probably not the actual name but these are the things I'm after...