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I just got my Lifeproof case for my iphone 4.

Its a fully sealed case rated to IP68, and can be fully submerged in water upto 2 meters.
Its also shock and dust proof.

My Chapter Audio Preface+ & Couplet amp's arrived on Friday.
They replace my Krell Kav 300i intergrated amp.


Just put a deposit on a pair of Chapter audio Preface/couplet

Just wondering what to expect.



Ive been looking at a couple of Chord power amps on the net, and wondering if anybody can clear up a question i have on their power ratings. They are both amps from the pro range.

Just wondering does anybody know the difference between these 2 power amps?

Same 150w/ch power handling but a massive price difference and different chassi.

Does anybody know how you add pictures to your posts?

It came up with a message saying i need permission from moderator?


Anybody heard the Hart Evo 1 loudspeaker? Or even heard of it?

They are large 2 box floorstanders comprising of an active bass section and passive duel concentric top cab.

My ATC SCM19's arrived today Big Smile