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So I just bought a new Airport Express for the purpose of letting us play wirelessly to our Zepellin dock. All arrived and setup was a breeze BUT as soon as I started playing, I noticed we were...

Andy Clough wrote: I'm sure it could be arranged However, first up will be a First Test in the November issue of the mag, on sale Sept 25th. Will look forward to it

As mentioned elsewhere, I'd love to see this as part of a group test. Something like: Nad D 3020 Marantz 6005 Rotel RA-11 Onkyo A9050

EDITED - damn it's easy to double post on here!

Okay - thanks for the warning. This sounds like I may end up offering my credit card as a hostage for a home demo if I can find somewhere with a unit in stock.  

Good call - will see if there's time before they're due to get uplifted. I know they have an RA 10 in store so I could at least hear the rotel amp even if I can't check out the digi aspect.

Although, with that said, I'm not looking forward to hefting the pair back to the shop this weekend to swap for replacements - mine arrived with cosmetic damage from transit. Wish I'd checked them...

Already am - big step up from Tannoy Fusion 1s on my Pioneer S300 but think I can get a little more out of them

That's reassuring though - thanks both for the responses.

+1 for the group test!